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Hello Everybody,

Do you have a love for music you want to pass on to your children?  Wondering what Music Together® is?  Music Together is an internationally renown program with research-based philosophies.  We believe all children are musical and have the potential to achieve basic music competancy if their environment is filled with proper musical opportunites.

Come to our Mixed-age class (birth through kindergarten) to learn how to have fun and play with music.  Afterall, play is the work of a child.  Whether you are a talented musician or just a die-hard shower singer, you can teach your children the joys of music.  You, as the caregiver, are your children's greatest teacher.

Music Together Generations is a mixed-age class meeting at an assisted living facility. Residents are invited to sit and watch as our famlies participate in our Music Together class. The "Musical Grandfriends" are invited to make music alongside our families creating an opportunity for the elders to be introduced- or reintroduced- to the joy of community music making! 

We are now offering Music Together Babies classes for families with infants birth through eight months. This is a one semester introduction to Music Together. The music activities in a Babies class are specifically designed to teach parents how to support music development in infancy and how to connect with their infants through music, using concepts like "purposeful touch," "sound layering," and "dancing for baby."

Coming this fall we will be offering Rhythm Kids classes. This is our new music, movement and drumming program that helps children complete the pathway of early childhood music development from birth to age 8. Rhythm kids is segmented into two classes, one for children ages 4-5, and the other for children in kindergarten, first and second grades. Each child will receive their own Djembe!

A typical semester consists of ten, 45 minute classes, once a week.  Your family receives a CD, a family access code (to download or stream the music) and a songbook to go along with the music being taught in class.   Each song collection has 25 songs, so after just three years of Music Together, your family will have learned over 200 new songs since every semester changes collections. 

Due to the CDC guidelines to stay at home due to COVID-19 we have introduced Music Together Online! Until regular classes can resume we will offer two, 30 minute Zoom classes per week in addition to a Facebook Live content to support the Zoom classes. We will also post the recorded Zoom classes in the Facebook group for viewing anytime. Materials can be delivered to you or I can email you a code if you'd prefer to not receive mail at this time. 

Feel free to contact me for further details about enrollment, registration, or the philosophy behind Music Together.


Amber Goddard

Director, Michiana Music Together

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"MT is such an enriching experience - we sing, dance and play instruments.  My kids still get excited when I play our very first MT CD, which we do at least once a week, and we still, "Get our instruments and play along!"  The music from MT will be a part of our family for a long time to come."  ~Wendy, MT Mom

"When we participate in Music Together, I find it unifies even the tiniest members of our family.  It brings a very welcome harmony to our home."  ~Alexa, MT Mom

"Our children love music, and Music Together deserves much credit.  Our son has conducted his "own" MT classes and our daughter adds lyrics to songs she knows and to songs she makes up, describing what she is doing and what is on her mind.  Music Together has enhanced their exploration of music, encouraged self-expression, and brought enjoyment to all of us."  ~Amy, MT Mom